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Become An Expert In Energy Storage

Adding energy storage to solar creates opportunities for higher project value, more and better deals, and better resilience. It also adds complexity to projects, which tends to decrease attachment rates to the point that projects lose significant value.

Stem University provides an innovative, differentiated solution to the complex task of increasing storage attachment rates in the solar space. Through our courses, you gain access to the resources needed to educate your customers on the value of solar, significantly boosting attachment rates on all projects.

  1. Sales Certification: Learn how to best convey the benefits of solar + storage
  2. Sales Analytics Certification: Teach customers how to use analytics to get the most out of energy storage
  3. Deployment Certification: Gain insight into the finer points of deployment and maintenance

Each course offered in Stem University has been planned and designed according to cooperative research and in-depth interviews with Stem Partners.

Stem University: Full Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Stem
  2. The Current State & Why Energy Storage
  3. How The Stem Solution Works
  4. Product guide
  5. Power Solutions
  6. Who’s a Good Fit
  7. Incentives & Funding
  8. Why Stem
  9. Sales Best Practices


  1. Stem University Sales Analytics Overview
  2. How to format interval data, solar data, and read a utility bill
  3. Available ESS Incentives in CA
  4. Estimating Savings for a BTM Solar + Storage Project
  5. Choosing the optimal system for your BTM Solar + Storage Project
  6. Navigating Tariffs in CA


  1. Stem Certification Overview
  2. Project Lifecycle and Division of Responsibilities
  3. System Components & Configurations
  4. AC Electrical Design
  5. Metering Components & Architecture
  6. Interconnection and Permitting
  7. Installation
  8. Provisioning
  9. Operations & Maintenance


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