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As part of the world’s largest energy storage network, Stem customers enjoy all the benefits of experience: automated and verifiable savings, streamlined service, reliable customer support, and the ability to earn revenue through Stem’s Grid Rewards programs.


Virtual Power Plant Dispatches

Stem surpassed 600 successful virtual power plant (VPP) dispatches in utility and ISO grid relief programs in 2017. More than 100 Stem systems are participating in VPPs that provide instantaneous grid relief. Powered by Stem’s Athena, these systems respond automatically to grid signals with as little as 5 minutes notice.


Trust Stem

Stem customers are leaders in their fields. They include more than 30 Fortune 500 companies and represent a variety of sectors, from education to manufacturing. More than 40 existing Stem customers enrolled additional facilities in 2017.

9 out of 10

customers highly
recommend Stem

“Stem provides major savings and reduces the amount of time we spend managing energy. Installation, coordination with our utility and permitting were seamless.”

Tom Harkenrider
Chief of Operations at Soka University

The timing of energy use has never been more critical.

Peak rates are rising, time-of-use periods are moving, and solar policies are in flux – leaving you exposed. But most organizations don’t have the flexibility, speed, or staff to manage energy around-the-clock.

Energy costs in Southern California have been out of control. The savings from Stem have actually turned the situation around. With limited resources, it’s great to know our operation is secure going forward.

Karl Morgan
Controller at Kieran Label Corporation

Stem makes it simple

With Athena™ by Stem, you maximize all the benefits of energy storage automatically, with no disruption or extra effort – so you can focus on your core business.

Stem has proven to be a reliable source for cost savings, with little to no human involvement.

Sushine Villagomez
Financial Professional
at Reliance Steel & Aluminum


Athena™ reduces costs by shifting energy use away from times when it is most expensive.

Defend against
rate changes

Athena™ continuously adapts so you’re always protected.

Sustainability strategy

Advance your
sustainability strategy

Stem customers enable cleaner, reliable power for the whole community.

stem solar

renewable investments

Athena™ boosts the value of solar by controlling costs when the sun isn’t shining.


See what
you save

Get alerts when usage is higher than normal. Uncover hidden waste.

Simplify your
energy strategy

9 out of 10 customers agree—implementing Stem is simple. No upfront cost, no disruption, and no staff time.

Stem is the market leader

Unmatched experience
Operating and installing 250 MWh at more than 900 sites

Energy Superintelligence™
Stem’s AI platform, Athena, is informed by 3.5 million run-time hours and data collected at a rate of 400 megabytes per minute. Athena learns and adapts, continuously increasing savings and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Grid transformation pioneer
350 MWh contracted with utilities
First storage provider in real-time electricity markets

Greatest value
No capital outlay, low-cost subscription model maximizes your returns

Preferred by customers
9 out of 10 customers say that subscribing to Stem is a no-brainer2

Stem is backed by leading global investors 

2TechValidate survey of 78 Stem customers.

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