Athena: The brains behind the batteries

A battery is only as valuable as the software that operates it. As the industry-leading platform, Athena performs critical decision-making in real time, unlocking hidden cashflows for customers.

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Energy forecasting

Athena accurately forecasts energy demand onsite and energy demand on the grid. With each product update, forecasting improves. We take pride in delivering the most precise and accurate predictions in the industry, proven by a track record of customer success.

Real-time optimization

To deliver the most value possible from a storage project, Athena optimizes across multiple applications such as demand charge management, energy arbitrage, wholesale market participation, and backup power. Athena constantly makes economic tradeoffs when determining how much energy to deploy or store up for later.

Automated controls

Athena automates system operation. The platform understands market complexity, digesting datasets such as rate structures, solar production forecasts, price signals, and market participation rules. It responds near-instantaneously to these inputs to drive the most value for Stem customers.

Our technology principles


Committed to the highest possible accuracy in data quality, forecasting, optimization, and control.


Designed to maximize system capacity and lifecycle, while ensuring security and safety.


Built with the future in mind: Ready for new markets, new hardware, and new use cases.

Athena forecasts system peaks in Ontario

Commercial electricity rates in Ontario are largely based on facilities' contribution to systemwide peak demand. Athena accurately predicts the timing of these peaks so organizations can dramatically lower their energy usage during peak times.

Athena improved system performance at Escondido Schools

Escondido School District adopted energy storage to save on rapidly rising demand charges. The system was initially deployed using basic controls bundled by the developer. When Athena took over system operation, performance immediately improved.

Athena responds in real-time to California wholesale markets

Athena automatically bids customers' systems into the California ISO real-time and day-ahead electricity markets. As a result, customers earn revenue without lifting a finger.

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