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Solar providers

Add AI-powered energy storage to solar projects to enhance project economics, future proof against changing rates, and expand sales opportunities.

Businesses and institutions

Get the most out of solar investments by adding energy storage. Increase project economics by 5 to 20 percent on average.

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with solar + storage

Adding storage to solar projects allows you to deliver a comprehensive energy management solution that addresses both energy and demand charges. Increase project value and maximize revenue by offering a broader range of services to your customers. This may include adding storage to a proposed PV project, offering standalone energy storage to sites where solar does not make sense or offering energy storage to your customers’ sites that have existing PV.

As new incentives and value streams emerge, it becomes increasingly complex to maximize returns while ensuring program compliance. So complex, in fact, that realizing the full value of solar + storage is only possible with artificial intelligence. AI-powered controls enable energy storage to deliver a range of new value streams for solar projects – from reducing demand charges, to future proofing against changing rates, to capturing more value from the Investment Tax Credit. Storage also opens up new opportunities for customers to earn revenue through demand response, wholesale markets, and other utility programs.

Energy rates and solar policies are in flux, posing a major threat to new solar projects. In California, for example, changing TOU periods diminish project economics unless developers pair solar with energy storage. As a flexible asset, storage gives you the power to optimize the timing of customers’ energy generation and consumption, retaining project value despite TOU rate changes.

During the life of a new solar project, most customers will face between five to eight rate changes that could affect the value of their solar investments. Adding AI-powered energy storage to solar projects today future proofs against these changes. The technology responds automatically to shifting rates,  protecting against potential rate, regulatory, and financial changes.

How much time have you spent on deals that ultimately go nowhere as a result of a bad roof, space constraint, or various other blockers? Site qualification challenges, high installation costs, and increasing competition limit the addressable market.

By improving project economics and giving you new options to offer, AI-powered energy storage allows your business to pursue and win projects that may not otherwise pencil.

At some sites, for instance, neither standalone solar nor standalone storage will pencil. At those same sites, however, a combined solution could produce strong economics. And in instances where solar is not viable at all, you can offer a standalone storage solution that allows you to provide valuable savings and retain the customer relationship.

Introducing the Stem Partner Network

Stem offers integrated, end-to-end support for partners adding storage to standalone, community, or commercial behind-the-meter solar projects. Join the Stem Partner Network to access all the energy storage resources you need to help grow your business and increase the value of your projects.

Marketing/Lead Generation
  • Co-branded PR, campaigns, collateral, and marketing content
  • Stem generated leads
  • Partner and customer promotion
Access to World Class Products
  • Stem’s Athena Artificial Intelligence platform
  • Competitively priced Tier 1 hardware
  • Access to Stem’s Virtual Power Plant Network
Training and Advisory Services

Stem-hosted webinars, in-person trainings, and resources on:

  • Selling storage
  • Storage technology
  • Installation
  • Market and policy outlooks
  • Energy rate tracking
Program and Incentive Administration
  • Incentive application and enrollment
  • Support to ensure compliance with incentive obligations
  • Management of demand response and utility programs
  • Third party project financing
Deal Support
  • Sales call support
  • Proposal generation
  • Project analysis, sizing, and design
  • RFP creation
  • Contract language and structuring
Project and Development Support
  • Site assessment
  • EPC technical advising
  • Install and interconnection services

Join the Stem Partner Program to increase your win rate.

Partner with Stem to enhance the
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Unparalleled Experience

With over 900 projects – more than all other providers combined – and 300 unique customers across diverse industries, Stem has developed deep expertise in commercial energy storage. Since 2012, Stem has captured data from projects on a one-second basis and storing terabytes to Stem’s cloud to feed Athena’s machine-learning algorithms.

Energy Superintelligence

Battery hardware alone adds little value—unlocking the value of energy storage requires Artificial Intelligence (AI). Stem’s Athena, the first AI for energy storage, delivers more savings, higher project value, and rock-solid protection against changing rates.

Largest Storage Network

Stem’s network of 900+ storage systems creates virtual power plants that allow customers to access new market opportunities. Stem has dispatched its network more than 1,000 times to generate grid revenue for customers.

Streamlined Support

Stem is committed to helping our partners succeed with storage. We have made significant investments to build the most capable platform for deploying storage in the industry, and we share these capabilities with you through the Stem Partner Network. We offer a range of support services to fit your unique needs and priorities, and we do not compete with solar partners in the marketplace.

National Presence

Stem has a national presence, with active solar + storage projects in California, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, Arizona, and Texas. We actively work with solar partners to assess new market opportunities as we expand the markets we serve.

Stem’s AI, Athena, optimizes storage operations for programs that span multiple markets and for those unique to specific markets. Athena’s algorithms adapt for market requirements and support various incentive programs, such as:

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

California’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

New York PV Sun program

The Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program

Hawaii Solar Tax Credit

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