The world’s first AI for energy storage
& virtual power plants.

A New Powerdigm

‘‘We’ve created a game changing solution for a problem too complex for humans alone to solve. With Athena™, we can optimize the timing of energy use like never before.’’

Aaron De Yonker
Head of Product Innovation at Stem

Think brain power – not battery power.

The value of energy storage lies in the brains behind the batteries and the network they comprise. Athena™ uses big data and machine learning to optimize the timing of energy use with lightning speed and surgical precision. She links facilities into a powerful network that can instantly form virtual power plants to generate value for all members.


per minute

Athena™ continuously collects and analyzes data at a rate of 400 megabytes every minute to make the smartest decisions about when to buy energy.


Annual customers

By automatically shifting energy use away from the most expensive times, Athena™ is saving an aggregate of $8 million per year across Stem’s commercial customer base.


in network

Athena™ powers the largest, most reliable network of energy storage systems in the world. Together, Stem’s systems form virtual power plants that earn revenue for customers while supporting a more reliable, sustainable grid.

Real time
Real results

Real-time energy optimization is complex. Stem’s Athena™ makes it simple.

Managing the timing of energy use to minimize costs is extremely complex. Even with the ability to store energy, there are still thousands of calculations, forecasting simulations, and split-second decisions required to produce meaningful results. Athena™ automates this process, giving you the freedom to use energy on your schedule without any extra work.

Athena™ delivers
24/7 optimization

Only Athena™ maximizes the value of energy storage – today and in the future.

With Athena™ at the helm, you will get the most value from energy storage on day one, and see it consistently increase over time.

Using big data and machine learning, Athena™ allows customers to rapidly adapt to fluctuations in energy usage and rates, while giving utilities and grid operators a way to respond to customer and grid needs with speed and precision.

Athena™ learns and adapts, continuously increasing savings and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise. And because Stem’s subscription rates are fixed, all the additional value goes to our customers.

Save your energy.
Let Athena take care of it.