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Stem works with leading utilities and grid service providers to harness our aggregated storage network as a cost-competitive, controllable and fast-acting capacity resources in a way that generates new value streams to utilities.

Customer-sited storage is a powerful resource that delivers reliable services to the grid while helping customers shape their loads for the benefit of the grid.

  • Stem in action

    Stem’s customer-sited storage systems are actively supporting grid services today. The Stem system provides capacity, ramping and real-time grid visibility to operators using Stem’s aggregated storage network.

    • Surgically deliver capacity where and when it is most needed
    • Defer costly transmission and distribution asset upgrades
    • Enhance reliability and compliance with ramping and Volt/VAR support
    • Provide visibility to voltage, demand and power quality at the grid edge
    • Enable new tariff schedules to address peak demand
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  • Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO)

    To address high penetrations of intermittent renewables, HECO has entrusted Stem with supplying storage and software services to hundreds of its customers to support grid response needs. The aggregated portfolio of energy storage at commercial and industrial customer sites provides support during periods of variable solar generation and peak demand. At the same time, Stem helps customers reduce energy costs and empowers them with real-time and actionable information.

  • Southern California Edison (SCE)

    As part of its local capacity procurement for the highly-congested West Los Angeles Basin region, SCE awarded Stem 85 MW of customer-sited storage to act as a firm, dispatchable capacity resource to enhance grid reliability and support expected demand growth in the region. Stem also provides demand charge savings and energy management software to participating customers.

  • California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

    Stem is the first customer-sited energy storage provider to aggregate a storage network and participate in a day-ahead market. Stem works with a program administrator to opt in to California ISO’s grid dispatch programs. Stem customers are layering grid revenues onto to storage savings without requiring changes to operations.

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

    To assess the impacts of PV volatility, SMUD engaged Stem to gain visibility into and model voltage regulation. Through PowerMonitors placed on the distribution system and in customer buildings, Stem delivered a comprehensive view into the grid that aided in system planning.

The grid’s
most advanced
capacity asset

With Stem’s coordinated fleet of PowerMonitor sub-meters and PowerStore storage devices, grid operators have immediate access to real-time visibility and fast-acting dispatchable capacity. With strategic siting, Stem’s capacity can be applied at precise times, for desired amounts in specific locations.

  • Better Demand Response

    Stem’s storage fleets are being used by leading utilities to deliver measureable and reliable demand response in highly congested regions. With storage, there is no customer fatigue or response latency.

  • T&D Upgrade Deferral

    Today, utilities are using distributed storage to manage grid constraints, deferring costly transmission and distribution upgrades and savings hundreds of millions of dollars or more to improve their bottom lines.

Increased reliability and quality

Combining Stem’s predictive analytics, monitoring and storage, the Stem system solves voltage, power and frequency challenges presented by high penetrations of renewables or in highly congested regions. Through automation, the Stem system ensures distribution line operations stay within required tolerance bounds.

  • Distribution line visibility

    Through monitors placed on the distribution system and in customer buildings, Stem is delivering a comprehensive view into the grid for utility customers.

  • Regulation

    With the addition of storage, Stem’s network can maintain voltage and frequency within tolerance bounds on all or prioritized lines.

Visibility and control
to the grid edge

Using Stem’s PowerMonitors, operators gain precise visibility behind the customer’s meter or on distribution lines. Stem’s PowerScope software enables visibility and control into Stem’s fleet of energy storage devices.

  • Advanced insights

    Stem’s system provides a multitude of deep data points to inform grid operators for system planning, technology integration and customer behavior.

  • Customer engagement

    In addition to providing utility and grid operator benefits, Stem’s software can be accessed by customers for increased visibility and engagement with their energy use.

Dynamic control

Deploy capacity specifically where, when and for the amount desired

Enhanced visibility

For the first time, operators can see real-time voltage and loads at the grid edge

Guaranteed DR

Precise DR participation, no behavioral change required, no customer fatigue

Valued Siting

Place systems where capacity
is needed most

Speed to Market

In-building systems reduce permitting, siting and community challenges

Customer Benefit

Customers gain demand management and enhanced energy usage and cost visibility

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When advanced energy storage is coupled with big data and predictive analytics, it opens a suite of powerful grid service applications. Stem can work with you and your team to uncover the most valuable applications for your organization.

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