The grid’s most flexible and advanced asset

Stem’s optimized network of energy storage devices and advanced metering gives grid operators real-time visibility at the grid edge and a fast-acting, immediately dispatchable capacity resource that can be applied at precise times, locations and amounts.


Increased resiliency
and quality

  • Stem’s network solves system and local level capacity challenges by combining intelligent controls, monitoring and energy storage
  • Solves ramping issues presented by high penetrations of renewables or in highly congested regions

Visibility and control
at the grid edge

  • Using Stem’s advanced metering and monitoring, grid operators gain real-time and granular visibility at the grid edge
  • Stem enables visibility into and control of Stem’s fleet of energy storage assets
  • Stem’s   software also provides grid edge intelligence, enabling smarter system planning and offering insights into customer behavior

Build trust and engagement
with customers

  • Energy consumers are increasingly demanding value-added services from their energy providers
  • Give customers a way to participate in energy markets, support the grid, and serve local communities
  • 8 out of 10 Stem customers agree: “I have a more positive attitude towards my utility provider now that I know it is helping to fund sustainable technologies like Stem’s.”

Learn more about
customer-sited energy storage

Stem’s network of distributed energy storage systems creates virtual power plants that open up a suite of powerful grid applications.