energy + insight
when it matters most

Energy use is hard to predict
and control.

It’s challenging to know how much to cut, when, and at what cost.


Stem combines powerful learning software and energy storage to automate savings.

Stem does more than store and deploy, it learns your energy profile to deliver energy when it matters most. The system lowers energy bills with no change to operations and delivers actionable insights to save more.

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Save automatically

Stem learns your energy profile to release stored energy when it
saves you the most.

Predictive power

View past, future and real-time
energy charges and predict your
bill before you receive it.

Advance notifications

Alerts you when energy providers raise rates, or before exceeding an energy usage amount.

Exceptional insights

Real-time data helps pinpoint equipment and operational charges to save more.

Seamless integration

Installs quickly and runs with no impact to operations.

No upfront cost

Reap instant benefits with Stem’s industry-leading financing option.

Stem makes it simple.

From automated storage that delivers savings from day one to intuitive data display, Stem gives you the tools to do as much – or as little – as you want to lower your electric bill.

Our customers

Stem is delivering energy savings and insights to leading organizations.


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