The Santa Rosa Junior College sustainability plus resilience strategy: Solar, energy storage, and microgrids
By on October 24, 2019

  At just over 100 years old, Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) is part of the California Community Colleges System, the largest higher education system in the U.S. It is also in the heart of Santa Rosa County, a community that over the last few years has been barraged by disastrous wildfires, such as the […]

PG&E power shutoffs enhance the need for resilience
By on October 9, 2019

This week, California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, is shutting off power for thousands of customers, including highly populated regions like the Bay Area, Napa, and Sonoma County. The move is part of PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program, which was rolled out this year by the utility to reduce wildfire risk. With heavy […]

How to sharpen your competitive edge with energy storage
By on September 15, 2019

For most enterprises, energy is among their biggest non-discretionary – and most unpredictable – costs, and is often looked at as a tax on operations. At many organizations, energy remains unmonitored and not carefully managed, likely due to complexity and lack of control. But leading enterprises are demonstrating innovative strategies for taking control of their […]

Energy storage for demand response
By on September 14, 2019

Demand response refers to utility and wholesale market programs that energy customers can participate in to earn money for reducing electricity use during peak times. Demand response is a key resource for maintaining grid reliability and reducing peak electricity prices. But traditionally, it can be challenging to participate. In order to do so, customers must […]

Stem enters the front of meter energy storage market with a solar energy storage partnership in Massachusetts
By on July 9, 2019

Today Stem, Inc., announced a new partnership with Syncarpha Capital, LLC, a New York based private equity firm that develops, owns and operates distributed photovoltaic solar energy systems as well as energy storage systems, to build 28.2 megawatt-hours of front of meter storage projects co-sited with solar in Massachusetts.  Incorporating storage into renewable energy projects […]

5 Business Initiatives That You Can Power Up With Solar + Storage
By on June 26, 2019

Renewable energy procurement and onsite energy generation such as solar are great first steps in driving profits and meeting sustainability goals. They cut overall energy consumption to lower costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which modern customers now expect from brands. However, to fully unlock the value of solar and renewables, businesses must also deploy […]

Solar + Storage Financing Requires Experience
By on November 8, 2018

In Solar Novus Today By Bill Bush, Stem CFO  Within five years, the vast majority of the retail solar market will be solar + storage, and much of the wholesale distributed solar market will be, too.  Why? The energy markets, supply chains, electric rates, solar remuneration rules, and customers’ interests in controlling their energy decisions are […]

Energy rate reform: What it means for operations leaders
By on May 15, 2018

By Andrea Sanders    |   Marketing Manager The electricity grid is transforming rapidly, and businesses or institutions that do not adapt could see major changes to their energy spend. Resulting from the need to update aging and antiquated grid infrastructure across the U.S., this transition is supported by advancements in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and […]

Stem’s Chief Commercial Officer Elected to SEPA Board of Directors
By on October 20, 2015

By Ted Ko | Director of Policy Stem sits in a unique position in the world of “the grid”. Unlike many technology providers who focus predominantly on either the electricity customer or the utility, Stem thrives in between, serving both. For this reason, Stem highly values our membership in SEPA, an organization that educates members on how […]