Executive Team

  • John Carrington

    CEO and Director

  • Larsh Johnson

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Bill Bush

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mark Triplett

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Alan Russo

    Senior Vice President of Global Sales

  • Polly Shaw

    VP of Regulatory Affairs and Communications

  • David Gelinas

    Vice President of Finance and Business Operations

  • Julie Steury

    Vice President of Utility Programs and Customer Success

  • Patti Lusk

    VP of Human Resources

  • Gabe Schwartz

    VP of Marketing and Sales Operations

  • David Erhart

    Vice President of Engineering

  • Tad Glauthier

    VP of Hawaii Operations

  • Randy Palombi

    VP of Sales

  • Prakesh Patel

    VP of Capital Markets & Strategy

  • Andrzej Skoskiewicz

    VP of Product Engineering

Board of Directors

  • Jorge A. Acevedo

  • Zeb Rice

  • David Buzby

  • Catherine Wainwright

  • Anup Jacob

  • Go Mizoguchi

  • Paul Leggett

  • Olivia Steedman