World Economic Forum Blog: Fortune 500s are Buying into Energy Storage

By | September 4, 2015

By John Carrington | Chief Executive Officer

When the World Economic Forum invited Stem to share our perspective on the energy storage industry on their blog, I could think of nothing more indicative of the stage of growth our industry is experiencing than what we’re seeing specifically among the U.S. Fortune 500 customer set. A year ago, we found ourselves walking prospective customers through the value of energy storage with painstaking care. Today, the conversation has fundamentally changed. Companies get it. They’ve heard of storage, they understand the benefits, and the decision to incorporate storage into their energy management strategy is already made.

This change of opinion has resulted in more than 30% of Fortune 500s by our count already contracted or in the process of procuring storage for their organizations. The conversation we most often have today is what the best solution is for their organization, be it in the quality of the storage system itself, the value of Stem’s software platform in broader energy and cost management, and payments from future grid services participation. Stem is proud to count some of the country’s leading organizations as our customers, including Safeway, Adobe and Wells Fargo, and continue to grow our customer base from companies and organizations of all sizes.

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