Cutting facility costs with intelligent energy storage

What every energy manager needs to know

Energy managers across multiple industries, including 30% of the Fortune 500, are pursuing intelligent energy storage for its unrivaled ability to produce automated, no-hassle energy savings. Companies as diverse as Whole Foods, Reliance Steel, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Adobe are reaping the benefits of storage.

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Adobe uses Stem’s energy storage platform to automatically reduce demand charges and participate in demand response.



Stem’s intelligent energy storage system effectively manages demand costs by:

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“Even after adding new equipment, we’ve been able to use the visibility and alerts in Stem’s PowerScope to help manage load. We can make operational decisions on the fly now, which have a direct impact on the business’ bottom line. I can tailor my actions, such as turning off lights, adjusting temperature, and shutting down equipment, to reduce demand. Real-time is the best for what I’m trying to achieve.”

Gene Archer
Facility manager at Financial Statement Services, Inc.

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