Stem in the news: Storage Finance Trends with Bill Bush

September 18, 2018

By Bill Bush, Stem Chief Financial Officer

Jon Powers, the Co-Founder and President of CleanCapital, leads the enormously popular Experts Only podcast, a biweekly podcast with foremost finance experts that explores the intersection of energy, finance, and innovation.

In this podcast, Jon and I discuss the dramatic growth of artificial intelligence-driven energy storage, the potentially transformational impact it will have on the energy sector, and what Stem is doing to drive this change. The podcast gives an overview of artificial intelligence for customer-sited energy storage, and how utilities and non-residential customers are using distributed storage to perform onsite energy management and perform utility- and grid-facing services in new ways. The podcast then delves into what Stem is seeing in project and market evolution, including trends in storage-related investor equity and project financing.