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    The installation of Stem's cutting-edge technology is the most recent demonstration of our commitment to enhance our properties with smart building technologies that increase sustainability, strengthen the local power grid, and reduce costs for tenants.

    Perry Schonfeld
    Principal and COO
    LBA Realty
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    Location: San Francisco, California | Industry: Hospitality
    “Stem’s technology is a great fit because it goes beyond energy efficiency to look for other ways to reduce our electricity bills, delivering immediate bottom-line value while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.” Harry Hobbs | Area Director of Engineering InterContinental Hotels Group
    Stem’s system delivers cost savings at the historic InterContinental Mark Hopkins (ICMH) and LEED Gold Certified InterContinental San Francisco (ICSF) hotels. Stem’s solution was installed in November 2012 and immediately began leveraging the proprietary combination of big data, predictive analytics, and energy storage to effectively “hybridize” the hotels by intelligently switching between battery power and grid power to reduce energy costs. The InterContinental can expect to benefit from Stem’s rich data and unparalleled insights into past, present, and future energy use that can be used to guide critical real-time operational decisions.
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    The InterContinental San Francisco is LEED Gold certified for existing buildings (O&M) with an Energy Star rating of 86 (2013) — making it one of California’s most energy efficient buildings. 

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    Stem’s 54 kW PowerStore operating at the base of the InterContinental San Francisco. PowerStore’s modular design and small footprint enabled an easy installation with no modifications to ICSF’s building structure. 

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    One of two Stem PowerMonitors analyzing and responding to the building’s energy use data. This simple addition to the hotel’s main electrical distribution provides unmatched visibility to the building’s power profile. Complementing utility data, which provides data in 15 minute intervals, PowerMonitor measures and displays data to ICSF every second. 

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    Stem systems are able to adapt to any building’s utility interconnection — pictured here is the 12kV switchgear at the ICSF. 

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    The fire pump is tested for compliance weekly at the InterContinental San Francisco. The schedule for this controllable load was adjusted based on the Stem system’s ability to identify ideal times to avoid peak demand charges. 

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    The elevators at ICSF represent a significant impact on the building’s volatile load but must be available at all times to serve hotel guests. Stem is able to predict peak usage times and reduce loads by releasing stored energy at times of high usage. 

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    Stem augments energy efficiency measures, like LED lighting seen above in the lobby at the ICSF.