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For Ontario industries, competitiveness is always top of mind. Planning for energy-saving improvements can be challenging to manage in a dynamic electricity market. The ideal solution should be a smart, flexible tool that predicts system peaks, adapts to changing rate structures, and reduces your electricity costs.

We’re for partnerships that just work.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the largest and most diverse generator of electricity in Ontario, and Stem, the global leader in energy storage, have partnered to provide businesses with innovative solutions that help you address energy costs and enhance competitiveness. Together, we bring the benefits of unparalleled energy storage experience and local market expertise to power an energy storage solution designed specifically for Ontario.

Introducing Athena™, the world’s first AI for energy storage.

Stem and OPG bring to Ontario Athena™, Stem’s trusted artificial intelligence platform that leverages OPG’s local market expertise to power turnkey energy storage systems.

It has a proven track-record of accurately predicting and responding to peak demand to seamlessly manage users’ electricity costs and enhance competitiveness.

Get more competitive.
If you don’t, your competition will.

With over 900 systems operating and being installed worldwide, Stem is saving customers millions of dollars per year on their energy bills. The OPG-Stem offering – specifically designed for Ontario – is ideal for large manufacturing plants and other industrial operations that seek to reduce energy costs with a trusted and experienced partner.

Our long history and extensive experience in the Ontario electricity market, combined with Stem’s expertise in AI and storage technology, will provide the province with innovative energy solutions to the benefit of Ontario’s businesses.

 Jeff Lyash, OPG President and CEO

Stem’s AI-driven platform and execution experience enables an automated way to reduce energy costs with no interference in our operations.

Roger Dawes, President, INOAC Interior Systems

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