Front of meter energy storage

Stem delivers advanced solutions for large-scale energy storage projects, including storage paired with renewables and standalone storage.

Increase project value with our front of meter offerings

Stem’s flexible AI platform decreases risk for project developers, lead asset professionals, independent power producers, load serving entities, off-takers, and investors by adapting to dynamic market conditions and maximizing the value of energy storage over the system’s lifetime.

Increase asset value with wholesale market participation

Turn solar into a flexible, responsive resource that can participate in wholesale energy markets. Maximize returns throughout the project lifecycle by gaining access to Stem’s AI platform, as well as Stem’s market and program expertise.

Blog: Learn the six ways AI-driven energy storage adds value to FTM solar projects. 

Future-proof project cash flow

Address intermittency issues and protect project value against the risk of market rule and policy  changes. Store excess generation to avoid solar clipping, and capture more incentive value in programs such as New York VDER, Massachusetts SMART, and Clean Peak Standard.

Press Release: Stem launches first FTM solar + storage project in Massachusetts. 

Streamline development, design, procurement, and deployment

Stem’s storage experts guide the entire development-to-dispatch process to ensure successful and timely execution.

Press Release: Stem provides a Premier Partner with expertise to win competitive FTM bids and participate in Masschusett’s SMART and ISO-NE.

Enhance project bankability

AI-optimized storage maximizes asset value and operates projects to desired financial targets, enhancing the project’s financial profile and bankability.

Brochure: Read about Stem’s FTM advanced solutions for large scale renewable and standalone projects.


Diverse and reputable supply chain vendors

Stem has the largest and most advanced suite of storage products in the market, with hardware combinations including AC- and DC-coupled solutions by Tesla, Sungrow, and others. Stem works with top tier NMC vendors and is integrating a Tier 1 LFP provider. Leveraging years of procurement expertise, Stem competitively sources hardware with the flexibility to find the right combination of equipment and warranties for your project

  • Industry-leading development and operating experience

  • Stem is the leader in Energy Storage System (ESS) development, operations, and support. With the world’s largest digitally connected network of ESS, Stem enhances more value streams than any other storage platform:

    • 30,000+ market dispatches and 4,300+ grid service dispatches
    • 16+ million runtime hours
    • 600+ MWh across 900+ sites operating or contracted
    • 40+ utility partners
    • 360+ customers, including 30+ Fortune 500 customers
  • Unparalleled operational support

    Stem offers full operational support through 24/7 site monitoring, alarm detection, and real-time controls, allowing us to respond to site and market conditions within seconds. We quickly diagnose and resolve both software and hardware issues to minimize downtime.

We make storage easy for our partners

As the first – and only – provider with proven experience to deliver an end-to-end blueprint for energy storage success, Stem offers expertise across the entire front of meter project lifecycle.

  • Market assessment

  • Revenue stream modelling

  • Identification of market participation opportunities

  • Policy advocacy, incentives and rate design

  • Storage sizing & analytics

  • Turnkey pricing

  • Performance guarantees

  • Deal structuring

  • Sourcing capital

*supported by Stem

  • Battery technology

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • Volume-enabled competitive procurement

  • Logistics
  • Electrical, civil, management design

  • EPC qualification and training

  • Utility and local coordination

  • Permit planning

*supported by Stem

  • Wholesale market participation

  • Asset management

  • VPP operations

  • Tariff management

  • Market and ITC compliance

  • Program management

  • Data reporting

  • Software updates

  • Utility contract administration

Partner with Stem

Stem offers comprehensive training and customized support through the Partner Program and online training program, Stem University. Contact us today to learn more about working with Stem.