The Power of
Energy Superintelligence™

Athena™ by Stem helps building operators and energy managers lower costs by shifting energy use away from the most expensive times.

Buy electricity when it’s affordable, use it later when it’s suddenly more expensive. Save thousands without any disruption to operations, staff time, or upfront capital.

This steps ahead of other technologies because energy is always going to cost more at certain times than others. If you can charge the battery when costs are low and deploy it when costs are high, that gives you a hedge.

Chief Engineer at StubHub Center

Hear from Soka University’s Chief of Operations about how Stem automatically optimizes the timing of energy use.

Soka University of America’s Tom Harkenrider (Chief of Operations) and Scott Collins (Director of Operations) share their experience working with Stem and why they chose intelligent energy storage to save on utility demand charges. Soka University is a leader in sustainable operations and a recipient of the APPA Award for Excellence.

60% of a typical utility bill is connected to the timing of energy use.

No matter how efficient your building, you’re still exposed to expensive time-based costs like demand charges and time-of-use rates.

Optimizing the timing of energy use requires going beyond human intelligence. You can’t monitor energy consumption and current prices all day long, or act quickly enough to reduce costs when prices suddenly spike. You need a way to automate this process.

This is one of the best projects we’ve done on the campus.

Director of Operations at Soka University

Make sure changing energy rates don’t catch you off guard.

Timing is Everything.


Athena removes the complexities of managing time-based costs. She gives you the flexibility to buy energy at the most cost-effective times. Even with the ability to store energy, there are still thousands of calculations, forecasting simulations, and split-second decisions required to produce meaningful results.

People alone can’t manage all of this, but artificial intelligence can. Our customers save between 10 to 25 percent off electricity bills without lifting a finger.

With a very small investment, easy installation, and hardly any effort on our part, Stem’s service lowered energy costs right away to add immediate value.

CEO at Advanced Plastics

Automatically save
on energy costs

Every facility has an opportunity to access major savings by using less energy during expensive times. But even the largest enterprises can’t afford to devote staff time to tracking every upcoming rate change, monitoring constantly fluctuating peak usage, scheduling operations around variable pricing and responding to changing price signals in real-time.

Athena learns and anticipates the timing of your energy use, and combines that knowledge with information about your energy rates, time-variable pricing, upcoming rate changes, demand response opportunities, weather forecasts, and real-time energy use.

With a grid-connected intelligent system, you can optimize the timing of energy use automatically, saving thousands each year, with no impact to operations.

With a very small investment, easy installation, and hardly any effort on our part, Stem’s service lowered energy costs right away to add immediate value.

CEO at Advanced Plastics

Defend against
rate changes

The rise of renewables and distributed energy resources is transforming the electrical grid, causing rapid changes to energy rates.

At the same time, extreme weather conditions such as the polar vortex – which tripled businesses electricity prices in January 2014 – are increasing in frequency. And grid infrastructure is aging, increasing maintenance costs that are ultimately passed through to customers. Rate changes are becoming more frequent as a result of the changing energy ecosystem, leaving facilities exposed to variable and unpredictable costs.

Athena by Stem responds to these changes automatically, minimizing your exposure to financial risk.

We needed a solution that automatically responds to changing loads, rates and rules. With Stem, we will save on energy for years to come.

President at CP Carrillo

Advance your
sustainability strategy

Impress your senior leaders and customers with a sustainability initiative that will help you qualify for LEED points, improve the value of solar investments, and support a more sustainable, resilient grid for your community. AI-powered energy storage is easy to sell internally: it’s a simple, plug-and-play installation that complements existing projects, integrates seamlessly, and requires no upfront capital.

Plus, as part of Stem’s network, you’ll receive compensation for supporting the grid.

This program is part of an overall strategy and culture in our company to be sustainable and save money on utility costs. Stem is an opportunity to showcase both goals.

Operations Manager at Macerich

renewable investments

Stem stores and optimizes solar and other onsite generation so that you get the highest value from those clean electrons.

Continue to use solar power in the evening when prices are rising. Protect against costly demand spikes when clouds block solar output. Store your extra renewable energy for later to maximize emissions reduction. Future-proof your investment from potential policy changes that could cut your compensation.

With Stem, you can use your solar production on your schedule to maximize the value of your investment.

I’m proud that we have the lowest energy usage by a university in Southern California. We want to keep that trend going, and Stem is our next step in that direction.

Director of Operations at Soka University

See what you’re saving

Stem’s service comes with a reporting tool that provides complete transparency into all the ways Athena adds value. With real-time visibility and periodic reports, you’ll always know how much your’e saving and earning. Results are fully auditable and easily verifiable through the software.

Stem didn’t overpromise. After more than a year of being operational, my Stem system is actually generating about 20% more savings than what was initially projected, which I can easily track within the software.

General Manager at FSSI

your energy strategy

With Stem’s Athena, you unlock all the value of energy storage on day one one, and see it consistently increase over time.

Stem delivers:

  • Reliable savings estimate
  • Quick, seamless install
  • Immediate, guaranteed savings with no upfront cost
  • Ongoing and non-disruptive operation, remote monitoring, and maintenance
  • Savings verification and intuitive energy reporting tool

The majority of our customers report that Stem is easier to implement than most energy projects they’ve done.

Stem’s solution requires no capital and minimal monitoring by our team before, during and after install. Interaction with Stem’s team has been great.

Financial Analyst at Fortune 500 Retail Company

Work with the industry leader.


Utility territories with interconnections


Municipalities with
permitted systems


storage devices
in network

Athena: The brains
behind the battery

A battery is only as valuable as the platform that operates it. Stem is the first to use artificial intelligence to learn, predict and optimize energy in real-time. Athena™ collects data at a rate of 400 megabytes per minute to continually fine-tune its algorithms. Athena has learned from operating systems for over 5 million hours, from processing nearly 200 million data intervals, and from running over 35 million project simulations.

Stem’s software is best-in-class. It tells the battery when to store and discharge power, responds to demand response opportunities, and reduced our exposure to changing utility rates.

Chief Engineer at StubHub Center

The world’s largest
energy storage network

Organizations of all types – from Fortune 500 companies to public institutions to commercial real estate firms – are employing Stem’s AI-powered energy storage. Stem’s network of 900+ storage devices creates virtual power plants that support more reliable, sustainable electricity supply. Stem has more utility partnerships and more systems operating than any other provider. Stem has experience interconnecting with 8 utilities and permitting systems in over 75 different municipalities.

We chose to work with Stem because of their track record of delivering automated savings. The simplicity and seamless integration are great too.

Jim Hernandez
Facilities Manager at Emerald Textiles

storage hardware

Stem uses UL-certified energy storage systems from the highest quality Tier 1 suppliers such as Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chem. They have been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and performance by independent third parties. Stem’s systems are available in multiple sizing configurations, indoor or outdoor, to match customers’ individual energy needs and building footprint.

I like that the system just works and we don’t have to do anything.

Tim Bryan
Engineer at LBA Realty

Customer-friendly subscription model

Start saving immediately and let us do everything else. With Stem’s energy services agreement, customers receive guaranteed savings without having to pay anything upfront. Stem handles the installation, operation, remote monitoring and maintenance. There is no disruption to operations and no staff time required.

Customers subscribe to Stem’s turnkey service with a flat recurring payment that is easy to budget for and never goes up. Customers save multiple times what they pay. They keep all the upside and enjoy effortless savings that increase over time.

We haven’t come across anything else that generates automated savings like this. The no-risk, immediate returns model made it easy to pass through approvals.

Jeffrey Luebbers
Facility Manager at Cobham Defense

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