Co-Founder and Director of Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator discusses the non-profit’s work with Stem on the Energy Gang Podcast

By | January 21, 2016

By Tad Glauthier | VP, Hawaii Operations

Dawn Lippert, co-founder and director of Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator program, discussed the non-proftit’s work with Stem on the Energy Gang Podcast in a recent episode: “

“The things I’m really excited about are the things we’re doing in the energy storage space,” Lippert said. “One of the companies that we’ve been working with for a couple of years is Stem….To give you an example, through Stem, is that they had deployed a number of systems in California. Then they were looking to partner with a utility and connect their systems together…to realize their full vision of creating these grid services. So that’s what we put together here and kind of wrote the book on how to do that and help them scale that solution to other places as well.”

In the fall of 2013, Stem won a grant from Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator program to deploy its energy storage systems in dozens of commercial buildings on Oahu. The systems allow participating businesses to automatically save money on their electricity bills, while also providing valuable support to Oahu’s grid. The project supports the transformation of Hawaii’s electricity grid – from dependent on fossil fuels to incorporating large amounts of renewable energy. Stem’s project with the Energy Excelerator has been a critical step in validating the application of energy storage systems for grid support.