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Electricity Pricing Trends

Despite decreasing kWh costs, total cost of energy is rising as Global Adjustment charges increase rapidly.

How do Global Adjustment charges impact businesses?

All energy users in Ontario pay the Global Adjustment (GA) fee in some form, while commercial and industrial customers with load over 500 kW may pay GA based on their contribution to the grid’s five highest peaks.

For most customers, GA charges make up more than half the monthly electricity bill. In some months, GA comprises up to 90 percent of LDC bills.

GA costs are driven by the timing of energy use. If you rely on the grid at the same time as other companies, you’ll bear the costs. If you avoid using the grid at peak times, you’ll gain significant savings.

Today, a single megawatt-hour of energy consumption during Ontario’s five high peaks costs over $500,000. And recent trends and industry research suggest that GA could continue rising at a considerable rate.

Fortunately, there are AI-powered energy storage solutions available today which automatically switch your facility to stored battery power during Ontario’s highest peak periods.


How AI-powered energy storage
automatically lowers GA fees

You can attempt to reduce usage during peak times, but this process is manual, disruptive, inefficient, and often ineffective. It requires constant tracking and guesswork.

Energy storage powered by artificial intelligence (AI) automates this process for you. During those peak hours, Stem’s AI, Athena, discharges stored power so that your building seamlessly draws power from Stem’s batteries instead of from the grid, dramatically lowering GA fees.

With Stem’s service agreement, there is no upfront cost and no hassle. Stem manages everything–design, installation, maintenance, 24/7 real-time system monitoring, and automated operation. No resources are required from your facility. The system is completely automated and operates in the background, requiring no change or disruption to operations, allowing your staff to focus on their core objectives.

Stem’s AI-driven platform and execution experience enables an automated way to reduce energy costs with no interference in our operations.

Roger Dawes
President, INOAC Interior Systems Inc.

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Stem operates more commercial-scale storage systems than all other providers combined.

Stem is proud to work with distinguished manufacturing and industrial companies, including:

Athena: The brains
behind the battery

A battery is only as valuable as the platform that operates it. Stem is the first to use artificial intelligence to learn, predict and optimize energy in real-time. Athena™ collects data at a rate of 400 megabytes per minute to continually fine-tune its algorithms. Athena has learned from operating systems for over 5 million hours, from processing nearly 200 million data intervals, and from running over 35 million project simulations.

Stem’s software is best-in-class. It tells the battery when to store and discharge power, responds to demand response opportunities, and reduced our exposure to changing utility rates.

Chief Engineer
StubHub Center

The world’s largest
energy storage network

Organizations of all types – from Fortune 500 companies to public institutions to manufacturers – are employing Stem’s AI-powered energy storage. Stem’s network of 900+ storage devices create virtual power plants that support more reliable, sustainable electricity supply. Stem has more utility partnerships and more systems operating than any other provider. Stem has experience interconnecting with 8 utilities and permitting systems in over 75 different jurisdictions.

We chose to work with Stem because of their track record of delivering automated savings. The simplicity and seamless integration are great too.

Jim Hernandez
Facilities Manager at Emerald Textiles

storage hardware

Stem uses UL-certified energy storage systems from the highest quality Tier 1 suppliers such as Tesla, Panasonic, and LG Chem. They have been thoroughly vetted and tested for safety and performance by independent third parties. Stem’s systems are available in multiple sizing configurations, indoor or outdoor, to match customers’ individual energy needs and building footprint.

I like that the system just works and we don’t have to do anything.

Tim Bryan
Engineer at LBA Realty

Customer-friendly subscription model

Start saving immediately and let us do everything else. With Stem’s energy services agreement, customers receive guaranteed savings without having to pay anything upfront. Stem handles the installation, operation, remote monitoring, and maintenance. There is no disruption to operations and no staff time required.

Customers subscribe to Stem’s turnkey service with a flat recurring payment that is easy to budget for and never goes up. Customers save multiple times what they pay. They keep all the upside and enjoy effortless savings that increase over time.

We haven’t come across anything else that generates automated savings like this. The no-risk, immediate returns model made it easy to pass through approvals.

Jeffrey Luebbers
Facility Manager at Cobham Defense

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