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    The installation of Stem's cutting-edge technology is the most recent demonstration of our commitment to enhance our properties with smart building technologies that increase sustainability, strengthen the local power grid, and reduce costs for tenants.

    Perry Schonfeld
    Principal and COO
    LBA Realty
  • How artificial intelligence will differentiate the value of solar+storage

    By Larsh Johnson, Stem Chief Technology Officer

    The U.S. solar revolution has been a terrific boon to customer choice, the economy and climate policy planning. But solar panels alone can’t achieve the full value of solar generation or the aggressive goals of greenhouse gas reductions. Moreover, solar developers face a wave of changes that is challenging their continued growth. Energy markets are shifting, supply chains are becoming more competitive, electric and solar rates are changing and customers’ interest in controlling their energy destiny is increasing. As a result, the economics of distributed solar projects are getting skinnier and riskier for the solar developer.

    AI-powered energy storage is enabling the rise of “intelligent” solar. Read my blog to learn what we see solar developers looking for in storage-related software intelligence and what that means in dollar and sales returns for the developer and the customer.