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  • Enabling the enterprise smart grid

    Using data, analytics, and advanced energy storage, Stem technology enables businesses to meet their sustainability goals and participate in the next great revolution in energy technology. Putting storage at the edge of the grid is a fundamental shift in the way energy is delivered and consumed. When aggregated, Stem systems have the following sustainability benefits:

    Enable distributed energy

    Adding storage at customer sites enables the move to a decentralized grid and makes businesses more self-sufficient in meeting their energy needs.

    Reduce peaker plants

    Reducing spikes in electricity relieves the strain on the grid during peak times – and allows us to build fewer peak power plants.

    Increase renewable energy

    Smoothing the volatile output of solar systems enables the transition to far more widespread adoption of renewable energy.

    Storage allows us to put more solar on the grid – and it helps during moments of peak demand. That means a cleaner mix of energy and fewer peak power plants.