energy + insight

The Stem system combines software and storage to give you the best of both worlds.

A powerful software platform to manage energy use and costs, with intelligent storage in the background to automate savings.

The Stem System works seamlessly by integrating three industry-leading technologies.


Displays real-time usage – down to the second – and intelligently stores and deploys energy.


Stem’s fast-acting UL-certified battery storage unit.


Installed on a customer's site to connect to real-time energy use data.

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Superior visibility into energy use and costs

Stem’s PowerScope software provides a new way of understanding and forecasting your energy costs. PowerScope combines historical energy use, weather forecasts, and rates to learn and then predict your unique energy patterns. With PowerScope, you gain unprecedented visibility, down to the second, into your energy use.

  • Dashboard

    Everything you need to know about your current billing cycle in one convenient location.

  • Advance notification

    Custom alerts help you stay on top of rate changes and energy use.

  • Real-time

    While other systems show 5 or 15 minute increments, Stem delivers a live feed of your energy use.

  • Trending

    Pinpoint patterns in energy use and identify peak use times.

Industry-leading energy storage

Stem’s UL-certified PowerStore is a fast-converting energy storage system. PowerStore draws energy when costs are low and automatically deploys when costs are high—saving you the most on your electric bill.

PowerStore is installed on-site and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

  • Industry-leading partners

    Stem works with some of the world’s leading storage suppliers to deliver the most advanced storage technology available.

  • Seamless operation

    PowerStore stores and deploys automatically, requiring no change to business operations to save.

  • Safe and reliable

    PowerStore is UL-certified and the system is monitored remotely, ensuring efficiency levels are maintained.

  • Customized systems

    Stem delivers storage in several sizes to meet individual energy and space requirements.

Delivering energy data in real-time

Stem’s PowerMonitor is installed on-site, tracking the building in real-time and sending commands for when to store and deploy energy.

  • Building portfolio management

    PowerMonitor can be installed alongside any electric meter, providing insight into use and costs across multiple sites with or without companion storage.

  • Real-time granularity

    PowerMonitor supplies up-to-the-second data for display, giving comprehensive access to energy use, costs, voltage and notifications.

  • Centralized monitoring

    Easily compare real-time energy use for a single property, or multiple sites, from anywhere.

  • Once we learned what Stem was capable of, it was a no brainer signing up with them. Stem added value to ShoEi from day one.

    Dwight Davis
    Facility & Plant Manager
    ShoEi Foods USA, Inc.
    tem powered since 2013 |  Read his story

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  • Stem’s unique technology presented a solution with no risk, no upfront investment, and solid returns. There was no reason to say no.

    General Manager
    Alsco | San Jose, CA
    tem powered since 2013 | Read Alsco’s story

    Schedule a personalized demo to see how businesses like yours are automatically saving with Stem.

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